Spread Your Wings

In the early 1900’s, Great Egrets nearly became extinct. They were hunted for their beautiful white feathers, which were used to adorn the elegant lady’s hats. As a result, some of the first laws to protect birds were created. The National Audubon Society was founded to protect birds from being killed for their feathers. Today, they are no longer on the endangered species list, and are around for us to admire.

Mother Nature whispers, “Don’t let your beautiful ideas and dreams get trampled on and pushed back until they are a distant memory. Find and join with others who will protect and support your calling. Rather than risk letting them fade to extinction, give your dream wings and fly away with them.”


Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

 Langston Hughes

The Daily Grind


There are three different types of bees- Queen Bee, Worker Bee, and Drone Bee. The Queens’ only job is to lay eggs. The Worker Bees are all female, and it is their duty to take care of all the jobs that need to be done to maintain the hive. They feed the baby bees, take care of the Queen, pack the pollen and nectar into the cells of the hive, build the honeycomb, and then go out and gather the nectar and pollen. The Drone bees are the male bees, and their only job is to mate with the Queen. The bulk of the work rests on the Worker Bees, and they work together to maintain their world and produce the pure golden honey that is treasured by so many.

Mother Nature whispers,” Don’t ever be afraid of working hard, even though you don’t see the results of your labor. It can be frustrating to work day in and day out without seeing any progress, but if you are following the path of your heart, results will arrive, and astound you. Have patience. You are working on Mother Nature time, and all things happen at the perfect moment.”


The reason that fish form schools, birds form flocks, and bees form swarms is that they are smarter together than they would be apart. They don’t take a vote; they don’t take a poll: they form a system. They are all interactive and make a decision together in real time.

Louis B. Rosenberg

Stand Tall


The Legend of Black-eyed Susan and Sweet William

These two much-loved wildflowers have a romantic legend in common, told in an old English poem by John Gay:

 “All in the downs the fleet was moored, banners waving in the wind. When Black-eyed Susan came aboard, and eyed the burly men. ‘Tell me ye sailors, tell me true, if my Sweet William sails with you.’”

 This search for Sweet William is one of the all-time favorite wildflower legends.


Mother Nature whispers, “Stand tall and boldly seek what your heart desires. What you are searching for is also seeking you. Stand tall and show your unique beauty to the world, so you can be found! Follow your heart down unknown paths, don’t be afraid. You won’t be disappointed by the treasures you find.”



Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.

Theodore Roethke


Break Free


The silky threads of a spider web are one of the strongest known natural fibers. Each web begins with a single thread that forms the base of the structure. From that initial thread, the silk trap is formed to catch unsuspecting prey.

Mother Nature says, “You must disengage from the invisible bonds that hold you captive, so you are free to follow your heart. Do not stay one more minute trapped in those sticky threads that steal your life energy and hold you hostage.”

Like the threads of a spider web, we become entangled one thread at a time, until we discover our dreams are a distant memory. It is time to look at what parts of you are stuck, and pry yourself free so you can spread your wings and share your beauty with the world.


“When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.” 

Ethiopian proverb


A Strong Heart




A hummingbird’s heart beats up to 1200 times a minute. The human heart beats about 70 times a minute. This tiny beauty has one of the strongest hearts in nature, and is the only bird that can fly both forward and backward, as well as hover almost motionless in the air.

Mother Nature whispers, “Keep your heart strong so you can go in the direction of your soul calling. Your strong heart will tell you when to move forward, step back, or just stay still and watch.”

Like this tiny beauty, you need to be clear on your direction. Like the Hummingbird, you move backwards, at times, and then pause and hover for a moment before moving forward. Your strong heart will lead you to things you must do to move forward with your dreams. It will urge you to take one more chance, try one more time, and to stand strong against those dream stealers that create doubts and fears.



“May my faith always be at the end of the day like a hummingbird…returning
to its favorite flower.”  Sanober Khan


Can You Dance?




The tallest tree in the world lives in the Redwood forest in California. It is about 380 feet tall. The oldest living tree is also in California. It is a 5,000-year-old pine tree, whose location is kept secret so the tree stays safe.

Mother Nature whispers,” Trees have to grow strong, deep roots so they can stand strong in the storms that come their way. Sturdy roots anchor them when the intense winds whip around them, blowing their leaves away and ripping off the small branches. The deep roots anchor them as they dance with the wind”.

“Each spring, their strong branches cradle nests that the birds lovingly build for their young. The nests receive loving warmth from the sun while the sturdy trunk of the tree hold it secure and safe for the young ones to grow.”

Are your roots deep and strong enough to anchor you while you dance with the storms of life? Can you protect the new ideas that come to you… from the threats and fears of the outside world?



Trees are earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.

Rabindranath Tagore