About Me

Hi there….

A few years ago, I bought a camera, something I had wanted to do for a long time. This purchase introduced me to a whole new way of seeing the world. As I started spending more time in nature, I started to notice all the magic that exists right in my own neighborhood. The more time I spent in nature, the clearer it became that I had moved too far away from my own wisdom, and had bought into all the hype and marketing that is thrown at all of us daily.

Standing in a forest, or walking barefoot on the beach, and listening to the songs of the birds reminded me that it is time to listen to my own voice, and follow my own wisdom. Mother Nature is the original teacher. She whispers her wisdom to all who listen.

As I wander, I collect the lessons she shares with me, and now I want to share them with whoever is listening. So, if you have found my little spot on the internet, Welcome! I hope you enjoy, and I hope you will venture out and listen to the wind and the stars for yourself.




P.S. All the photos and words on this site belong to me. Please don’t steal them. I am willing to share them if you contact me at admin@mothernaturewhispers.com