Stand Tall


The Legend of Black-eyed Susan and Sweet William

These two much-loved wildflowers have a romantic legend in common, told in an old English poem by John Gay:

 “All in the downs the fleet was moored, banners waving in the wind. When Black-eyed Susan came aboard, and eyed the burly men. ‘Tell me ye sailors, tell me true, if my Sweet William sails with you.’”

 This search for Sweet William is one of the all-time favorite wildflower legends.


Mother Nature whispers, “Stand tall and boldly seek what your heart desires. What you are searching for is also seeking you. Stand tall and show your unique beauty to the world, so you can be found! Follow your heart down unknown paths, don’t be afraid. You won’t be disappointed by the treasures you find.”



Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.

Theodore Roethke